EVAS: A Standard of Safety

EVAS: A Standard of Safety

Bombardier, Dassault Falcon Jet and Gulfstream Aerospace have designated EVAS® as standard client option.

Smoke filled cockpit

When you can't see you can't fly

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Plane flying in sky

EVAS is the only solution to continuous cockpit smoke

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The EVAS® system has one defining purpose:

Protect the pilot's vision to ensure a safe
landing during a smoke in the cockpit emergency.

Source of smoke has not been isolated?
Evacuation system can’t keep up with the smoke being generated?

The Answer is EVAS

EVAS® is the only certified solution to continuous cockpit smoke.

FAA tested and certified Displaces all smoke in the vision path Provides clear vision of instruments & flight path Allows for use of emergency checklists, charts, etc. Available as Portable or STC'd with minimal installation required

When you can’t see, you can’t fly

On average 3 smoke related
incidents happen per day

EVAS allows you to see even when
the cockpit is full of smoke

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A Standard of Safety

After thorough evaluation and review Bombardier, Dassault Falcon Jet and Gulfstream Aerospace have designated EVAS® as standard client option for their prestigious line of jet aircraft.

On average in the US alone, three aircraft will make an unscheduled
landing because of smoke or fumes in the aircraft…Every Day.

When thick smoke occurs, only EVAS will allow you
to see through the smoke to land the aircraft.

Don’t Fly Blind, Fly Safe | EVAS

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Light Weight and Compact

EVAS® measures 3 x 8.5 x 10 inches when stowed, the approximate space of a Jeppessen navigation manual and weighs only 5.5lbs (2.5kg)

Self Contained Power Supply

The device is independent of aircraft power, relying on a self-contained battery-power supply, pump and filters in each storage case.

10 Year Warranty

EVAS is covered by a comprehensive renewable/transferable 10 Year Warranty.

Trusted by the best

Names of some companies that use EVAS, Gulfstream, FedEx, US Air Force, Bombardier, and Jet Blue

The system requires virtually no installation.

EVAS only takes the space of one Jepp Manual case. When needed, the pilot removes the IVU (Inflatable Vision Unit) from the EVAS® case and pulls a tab to activate the system. The IVU inflates with one lobe above and one below the glareshield. The whole process about 30 seconds.

Recommended by the FAA and other aviation authorities.

Statistics from FAA Service Difficulty Reports clearly show that in-flight fires, smoke or fumes are one of the most significant causes of unscheduled or emergency landings.

EVAS can save your life.

When smoke evacuation procedures are not sufficient, EVAS® provides emergency backup allowing the pilot to see and fly the aircraft to a safe landing. After it is activated, EVAS® is continually pressurized with filtered cockpit air to maintain volume and preserve a clear view.

Protect your passengers and crew in the event of in flight smoke with EVAS

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