Evas Training

EVAS training is offered in several ways

EVAS Pilot says never fly blind

Simulator Training

Simulator training is available at more than 75 locations worldwide through Flight Safety International and CAE.

EVAS training is available at Flight Safety International EVAS training is available through CAE

Training is available for EVAS at a location near you. Please contact your Training Provider for more information on their EVAS Training Program.

Online Training

Flight Safety E-learning for EVAS

Click here to access Flight Safety's comprehensive EVAS e-learning course

King School Computer Based Training for EVAS

Click here to access King School's computer based training course for EVAS

Never Fly Blind

"When you can't see... You can't fly"

To learn more about EVAS or EVAS Training please call us at:

+1 (808) 441-9230

Additional training materials

Training overview and EVAS options

This video provides a complete comprehensive description of what the EVAS product is and options for arming and deploying the unit in a continuous smoke environment. Please view the video in conjunction with our Training Document (8015)

IVU refolding video (authorized training facilities only)

This video requires a password and is only intended for use by our authorized training facilities. For more information contact Training@VisionSafe.com

Great! We'll guide you through the steps to getting your plane or fleet protected with EVAS.