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EVAS + Commercial Air Transport

This partnership is bound to come from those in the industry who treat safety as a priority, and fortunately for the flying public, that change appears to be just around the corner.

An average of 560+ lithium batteries per flight.

Due to smoke or fumes on the aircraft in the US alone.

EVAS is certified on over 120 aircraft types.

Progress in safety is coming...

Today while cargo operators the world over are equipping their fleets with EVAS, passenger fleets are still behind the curve in equipping their aircraft. Despite the rising concern of smoke and fire on aircraft due to Lithium batteries and their increasing presence aboard commercial flights, the fact is that a higher percentage of cargo aircraft are protected today than are the planes that fly millions of people around the globe annually... a staggering fact that can be changed.

Emergency Vision Assurance System

An overview of the Emergency Vision Assurance System

Capt. Depete - VP of ALPA shares his testimonial about EVAS

EVAS is certified for well over 100 aircraft types

EVAS is certified for most Boeing, Airbus and ETOPS aircraft flying today. The system requires virtually no installation. EVAS only takes the space of one Jeppesen Manual. When needed, the pilot removes the IVU (Inflatable Vision Unit) from the EVAS case and pulls a tab to activate the system. The IVU inflates with one lobe above and one below the glareshield. The whole process only takes around 30 seconds.

Inflight Fires due to Lithium Batteries

Lithium-ion electronic device on fire icon

One of the largest trends in the growth of in-flight fire is due to the transportation of lithium batteries. Grey market batteries and chargers are a high risk. The demand for lithium batteries continues to rise. They are in virtually every electronic device. Lithium batteries are part of modern life, so we as an industry have no choice but to mitigate it because we are not going to eliminate this threat.

Inflight fires due to lithium-ion batteries has doubled every years since 2014.

A 2016 FAA report found that on average every 10 days a lithium-ion battery fire occors on a flight in the US alone.

An estimated 500+ lithium batteries are carried on commercial flights.

Chart showing growing predicted demand of lithiu-ion batteries

Government Adoption

FAA flies with EVAS

The FAA flies with EVAS on their aircraft, as do many government and executive aircraft around the world, a clear testament to the caliber of approval EVAS has as a serious safety enhancement.

World Wide Adoption

From The U.S to Europe, the Mid East and Asia, governments around the world have equipped their countries planes with EVAS.

Union Support

Both CAPA and ALPA, some of the largest pilot unions in the world, have supported smoke displacement as a viable and valuable method to safeguard pilots from blinding smoke in the cockpit.

Product of the Year at Paris Air Show

EVAS has received the Aerospace Industry’s highest award in the category of “Training & Safety” at the International Paris Air Show

Every day thousands of EVAS units are protecting countless operators around the world

List of some VisionSafe's commercial clients along with others, including jetBlue Alaska Airlines Emirates Airlines, Gulstream, Qanta Airways, China Eastern Airlines, Bombardier and the US Militar to name a few

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