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EVAS + Cargo Air

The ability for a pilot to see in order to fly the aircraft is one of the most crucial facets of safe flight. Cargo Operators the world over know the dangers involved with blinding smoke in the cockpit, which has led to over 70% of the worlds air cargo operators becoming EVAS equipped.

Within the last 10 years there have been countless incidences of smoke in the cockpit

This includes a 747 cargo aircraft which became engulfed by smoke originating from a lithium battery fire in its cargo hold. The pilot was unable to even see the dial on the radio to get the right frequency and heading. Despite the aircraft being flyable, the pilot missed the opportunity to land the aircraft and overshot the airport and came within several hundred yards of hitting civilian apartments. Since then the operator of that aircraft equipped its entire fleet with EVAS, shortly thereafter its competitor did the same, followed by many other cargo operators.

VisionSafe corporation came up with a solution - EVAS.

After numerous incidences of smoke impeding pilots vision, and with catastrophic loss as a result, VisionSafe corporation came up with the solution. EVAS is the worlds only smoke displacement system, which allows a pilot to see their controls even in a smoke filled aircraft.

3 per day in the US alone

Due to smoke or fumes on aircraft.

70% protected globally

Over 70% of Worlds Cargo Aircraft are equipped with EVAS.

7000+ EVAS Systems

Over 7000 EVAS systems protecting airplanes worldwide.

Pilot Unions requested the US congress to mandate that the FAA eliminate the present unsafe conditions associated with blinding smoke in the cockpit.

Both the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA) and the Coalition of Air Line Pilots Association (CAPA) whose combined memberships represent more than 100,000 pilots and over 50 airlines, endorsed the use of cockpit smoke displacement systems (CSDS) as "standard" equipment for all airlines.

Capt. Depete - Pilot, FedEx - VP of ALPA shares EVAS experience

An overview of the Emergency Vision Assurance System

Every day EVAS units are protecting countless Cargo operators around the world

List of some VisionSafe's cargo clients along with others, including FedEx, UPS, Atlas Air, DHL, Emirates SkyCargo, and China Airlines Cargo to name a few

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