It is important to maintain your EVAS™ unit. Maintenance information can be found in Chapter 2 of the manual received with your unit. For STC models (107STC), the manual is VSC Document 8017, Instructions for Continued Airworthiness. Links to manuals can be found below in PDF format.

Required Service/Maintenance:

The EVAS™ warranty is void if systems are not serviced in accordance with required service periods.
EVAS™ Service Policy & Price Sheet (PDF) Biennial (24 month) Service EVAS™ systems require regular service every 24 months. The service due date is clearly marked on each EVAS™ unit.
24 Month Service Form (PDF) 120 Month Rebuild 120 months from the original manufacture date, the EVAS™ system is rebuilt to the current configuration. This serves to renew the warranty period for an additional 10 years, and includes replacement of key system components.
120 Month Service Form (PDF) Special Inspection1111 A special inspection is required immediately after:
• The integrity of the EVAS™ container has been compromised;
• Any test in which the "Battery Condition" status indicates "Inop" (red test light or no light);
• Any use or deployment of EVAS™.

Checks to be Performed by EVAS™ Customers:

Position and Location Check

The owner, operator or designee shall visually check EVAS™ for general condition, security, and position in the cockpit.

Blower and Battery Check

The EVAS™ system must be given a blower and battery check to ensure proper battery voltage and blower motor operation. The span between checks should not exceed 90 days.

In addition to the checks performed by EVAS™ customers, biennial service is required to maintain the serviceability of the units. This service, as explained in the next section, cannot be performed by the customer.

Maintenance Manuals:

107STC-XXX ICA Manual (PDF)

107P Maintenance and User
  Instruction Manual (PDF)

EVAS™ operators are required to perform regular inspections, to assure their units are in proper working order.

If EVAS™ is deployed in an emergency, please contact VSC Quality Assurance Department as soon as practical at 1-800-441-9230. Complete the Pilot Smoke Event Report, VS QC-Form 38 (see below).
Pilot Smoke Event Report (PDF)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Quality Assurance department:
Voice: 800-441-9230 x223
Fax: 808-247-6313