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Crew of Jazz flight declares emergency due to smoke in the cabin

Source: Simon Hradecky |

A Jazz Canadair CRJ-705, registration C-GFJZ performing flight QK-8831 from Montreal,QC to Toronto,ON (Canada) with 12 passengers and 3 crew, had just reached cruise FL330 when the crew declared emergency reporting smoke in the cabin. The aircraft returned to Montreal, on approach to Montreal the crew requested ambulances and advised of the possibility to evacuate the aircraft on the runway. The aircraft landed safely on runway 06R about 21 minutes after reporting smoke in the cabin and stopped on the runway. Emergency services inspected the interior of the aircraft and assessed the condition of the passengers, then the aircraft taxied to the apron, where the passengers disembarked normally.

Emergency services reported there was no visible smoke in the cabin, however a strong smell of an eletrical fire was present.

The Canadian TSB reported maintenance identified a light ballast in the cabin as source of the odour and replaced the ballast.

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