FAA Approves VisionSafe System for Use on Gulfstream G280 – VisionSafe

FAA Approves VisionSafe System for Use on Gulfstream G280

EVAS cockpit smoke protection flying in more Gulfstream aircraft than any other.

VisionSafe today announced that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has approved the Emergency Vision Assurance System (EVAS) for use on the Gulftstream G280. VisionSafe received the supplemental type certificate and PMA earlier this month.

The EVAS smoke protection system retrofits aircraft to meet current 25.9A FAA- recommended standards for maintaining cockpit smoke control.

“Recent news and recommendations from the FAA have highlighted the importance for cockpit smoke protection to ensure the safety of pilots and passengers,” said Jonathan Parker VisionSafe’s VP. “Since 1992, the FAA has recommended that aircraft are certified to a higher standard for pilot vision protection in smoke.”

EVAS is available as an option on the Gulfstream G550, G450 and G280 (October 2016) and asstandardequipmentontheGulfstreamG650. Formoreinformationorretrofitscontact Gulfstream Product Support

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