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Passengers Evacuate Flight After Brakes Cause Smoke Upon Landing in Dallas

Passengers aboard a flight to Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport were forced evacuate their plane after a smoky landing this morning, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Everything aboard American Eagle Flight 3492 from Mobile, Alabama, operated by Envoy Air was business as usual this morning until the plane was already on the ground, according to the airline. Upon landing, the aircraft’s brakes became hot and began to produce smoke, according to American Airlines spokesperson Ross Feinstein.

The airport and American Airlines told ABC News the plane landed safely and no one suffered any serious injuries.

The pilots of the Embraer E145 reported some smoke in the cockpit after landing, FAA spokesperson Lynn Lunsford told ABC News, adding that a flame may have appeared out of a wheel well.

It’s the crew’s decision whether to have passengers evacuate rather than the routine exit at a gate.

The 40 passengers and 3 crew members on board the flight were helped down from the plane to the tarmac by those on the ground. The FAA does not allow slides on small planes like the Embraer E145 in this incident.

Photos on social media show the airport’s emergency response vehicles coming to the aid of the aircraft while the passengers watched the scene unfold on the tarmac.

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