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EVAS by VisionSafe

User Quotes:

"EVAS® would definitely be a safety aid."
Captain Otto Rentsch, Flight Safety Manager, Swissair

"Smoke is coming in, I can barely see the instruments and I would not be able to see outside at all, now I can't even see across the cockpit, but if I put my face up to the inflatable bag, the instruments are all visible and I've got excellent visibility outside. It's amazing!"
Mark Korstvedt, Corporate Pilot, during an EVAS® smoke demonstration

"The fact is that we twice landed an aircraft with a visibility of less than 30 cm in the cockpit. The demonstration has shown that EVAS® - under certain circumstances - may be of great help in preventing possible smoke-related accidents. Therefore, [major European airline] intends to go ahead with the purchase of EVAS® for the entire fleet."
Major European Airline Official

"It's an amazing device... I will be willing to bet you that one day we are going to report to you that this Emergency Vision Assurance System is going to save some lives."
Bruce Erion, Pilot/Reporter, NBC-Atlanta

"Bottom line: it worked."
Gordon Gilbert, Senior Editor, Business & Commercial Aviation, Product Analysis

"It gives added assurance to the crew knowing that something is available and works when they get into a situation that requires the use of the system. ... During the smoke portion of the demo, I was amazed that (without the EVAS®) I could not see anything in front of me. ... It goes without saying that this device would be invaluable to the crew in the event of severe, unremovable smoke in the cockpit. ...as a Captain, if I am faced with a cockpit smoke situation, I hope we've bought an EVAS for that plane."
Major US Airline Pilots/Safety Officials, following EVAS smoke demonstration (all landings with EVAS® were successful [8]; without EVAS®, all failed)

"EVAS® positively displaces all smoke from the vision path."
Hugh Waterman, FAA-DER, President, Aircraft Certification, Inc.

"A cockpit full of smoke... has been a major potential safety hazard since the earliest days of aviation. ... A Boeing 737 simulator was filled with smoke so dense that seeing a hand six inches in front of the face was impossible. An EVAS®... was activated and a clear view was available instantly through the envelope of the instruments and the simulated scene outside." Air Transport World (May '92), after attending a smoke demonstration with British Civil Aviation Authority officials and major European airline representatives.

"With this unit inflated, I was able to see all my flight instruments... as well as clearly seeing outside of the aircraft... in a smoke environment like we just had, there would be no way that somebody could land this aircraft under those circumstances with that much smoke in the cockpit unless they had a unit like this."
Captain Ross Lewis, Chief Pilot, G-IV

"We tested it with smoke so thick you can't see the person next to you, but you can see instruments and the ground to make a safe landing."
Ken Burton (Emergency Training Expert), President, Stark Survival Company